How it works

Cybbr is a secure peer-to-peer network that allows computers to become servers for the Web.
Users can access data as long as the computer is online. No copy of data is stored in the Cloud.

What you can do


File View, Download and Upload


Photos, Texts, Audios and Videos


Complete file folders


Family, friends or team members

Free Speech

Total control of the content

Save Money

Use your own devices to store
large amounts of data


All data in transit is protected with HTTPS/TLS, with a secure tunnel encrypted by 128-bit AES. Public or Private shares protected by passwords. View-only mode: blocking downloads or uploads. Access to shared file folders only.


The software supports different operating systems: Windows, Linux and Mac.

We are in development

Register now and when the system is available you will be reminded to access the Beta version:

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